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Norhafiz is a visionary person who strives to build businesses based on his creativity. With his passion in art, creative and branding, he has established a video & motion production business and a visual communication agency under his own brand.

He went to Malaysian Multimedia University (MMU) for his Degree in Multimedia and Degree in Entrepreneurship. He attended an internship programme with Prom-Ad Creative Communications Sdn Bhd (a creative agency) and manages to helm the position of Art Director for 4 years. Here he responsible for creative direction for the company’s clients. Also he responsible for all designs and creative created for the company. He managed a team of graphic designers, few copywriters, photographers, videographers, printers, production house and event management companies. He was in charge from clients pitching, concept creation, meetings, storyboarding, design creation, final artwork creation, typesetting, artwork proofing to managing with printers / production.


After successful endeavors as an Art Director, Norhafiz ventured into his own business, BrandThis Marques Sdn Bhd, a creative studio agency in Kuala Lumpur. With a partner, specializing in Marketing, they managed to secure clients for branding, web and marketing support work. Here he managed all the company's creative works from concept creation, client pitching to managing a production team.


After finishes 2 year projects with BrandThis, se saw an opportunity in Video and Motion production business especially in wedding industry. With his own capital, he establishes MOMENTHIS. With a skillful partner, Faizal, their weekends are full with wedding events in their 1st year of operations. Now, they have 3 team of videographer and a team of post-production editors.


With his experience in Creative, Graphic Design, Web and Branding, he saw an opportunity to establishes his own brand to provide branding and creative works to his ever growing clients. He then established NORHAFIZ, a visual communication agency, to help businesses with their branding, identity, creative & graphic design services, web and motion graphic & video production. As now, NORHAFIZ manages 6 retaining clients ranging from multi-million, international bio-tech company to small businesses.

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